We have several open meeting spaces. Come and meet them!

Brewery encounters

They are informal meeting spaces open to everyone, both members and non-members. We discuss issues related to youth and share experiences, learning and knowledge among youth professionals. We usually have a meeting every four months. Through these spaces we promote cohesion and relationships between people linked to the organization.

Ordinary General Assembly

The AGO is a meeting space open to members of the organization. We approve annual management reports, financial statements, changes in board members, budgets and work plans. It is held annually for the six months following the financial close. Through this tool we promote the transparency of the organization and the participation at all levels of the members.

Extraordinary General Assembly

The AGE is a meeting space open to members of the organization. It is convened on a one-off basis only if issues arise that need to be answered more urgently and that require the votes of the other members of the entity.

Board meetings

These are meeting places between the board of directors and the technical person of the entity. We coordinate on all issues of the entity: political strategy, projects, internal and external communication, collaborations and agreements, membership base and funding. They are usually monthly, although communication between the board and the technical person is daily.

Whatsapp group

It is a group where members are invited to be part of it and it works in a two-way way. From the organization we pass information and communiqués and promote it as a job bank, where we communicate offers within the youth area. On the other hand, members share other information related to both the entity and other members.

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