Good practices

Good Practices is a collaborative platform that collects, disseminates and promotes all the accumulated knowledge of youth professionals.

The aim of the platform is to become a tool for consulting different projects and working methods potentially applicable to other regions, to give opinions and debate on their content and to promote initiatives.

Do you want your projects to be part of the Good Practices platform?


Submit to the call

Every year we call through the networks to present the youth projects that you want to be part of the Good Practices platform.

Tell us about the project

The information you send us (basic project information, report, graphic support and annexes) is reviewed by an Evaluation Council, made up of long-term members and members of the ACPJ in the field of youth.

Let’s do the evaluation

On the Good Practices platform, the set of evaluation criteria we use to evaluate projects.

We communicate the results

Once we have made the decision, we return it to you informing you of which projects have been selected, and we give proposals for improvement to those who have not been selected.

We organize conferences

Face-to-face (or virtual if necessary) conferences are organized in the regions where these projects are developed to make them known and disseminate them, to encourage decentralization and the involvement of other parts of Catalonia beyond Barcelona.

Do you want to join the Evaluation Council or do you want to present a project? Write to us!