Our main goal is to regulate the work of youth professionals and defend them against institutions.

For over thirty years, leading youth policies have been applied in Catalonia in many areas, both in the Spanish and European contexts. Its development has been made possible in large part thanks to the enthusiastic and voluntary dedication of hundreds of professionals who prioritize advocacy and support for young people. However, our group has generally suffered from deplorable working conditions, with high levels of precariousness and little technical and professional recognition.

The Catalan Association of Youth Professionals (ACPJ) was born with the intention of changing this situation. Youth professionals are a voice with essential knowledge to speak and propose actions aimed at young people, and we must use this quality to consolidate and advance youth policies. We will achieve this by guaranteeing decent working conditions, adequate levels of professional recognition, sufficient remuneration, a specialized training system and a stable and solid regulation of the profession.

Youth professionals are valid, authorized and essential interlocutors for these policies to grow and improve. The organization continues to have many challenges ahead, especially the regulation of professional profiles and to ensure that our profession gains the space of prestige and social recognition appropriate and proportionate to the importance of our daily work.

And it is with the strength of the professionals that we will be able to assert our rights.